PINLIGHT's equipment is geared towards providing digital content. We specialize using Apple's Final Cut Pro X. We believe it is the fastest and most modern editing solution available. It is used in the post production of all our programs.








We've been shooting HD since 2006, and have never gone back.

Cameras include Sony RX10 mkIII, Canon 70D (4 lenses) Hero3+

Audio is handled via Sennheiser wireless EK-100 systems, and a BeachTek audio interface. Mics are TRAM TR-50s which simply are unbeatable.

Driving and flying sequences are shot with the GoPro Hero 3+ camera.

Drones have become a mainstay at Pinlight since 2015. Our original drone is the Yuneec Typhoon Q500+ a 4K quadcopter. The Q500+ has a 4K camera with a hand-held pistol drip to use for closer work. We also have a Mavic Pro, also 4K. The Mavic has a 28mm lens with touch-screen focus. The rig we use include an Apple iPad and shield so we can really see what we're shooting. In our last session, the Mavic Pro tracked all the way to the top of a TV broadcast tower, (1,200 ft, for the client that hired us) with razor-sharp stable results.

The Mavic Pro has collision avoidance sensors which make shooting less stressful since we're not as worried about accidentally crashing into another object. Prop guards are used when shooting people and flying closer to them. Ask to see examples.








FCPX is now the fastest system we've used to date with many of the effects visible in real time. With Apple's tie-in to iOS, FCP-X has become part of the post production flow. Apple is a mainstay at PINLIGHT.

To do the amazing 3D titles and other effects, we use Adobe's After Effects with a powerful plug-in from Video CoPilot known as "Element 3D." The rendering times are almost instantaneous, and the results are spectacular. PINLIGHT uses a set of very specific plug-ins in After Effects to acheive the results that people have come to expect. All of this work is now accomplished on a Mac Pro, which everyone has tagged, the "trash can" Mac. It's super fast and has 6 thunderbolt ports. It's capabilities in rendering 4K files and displaying hi res video on mulitple montors at the same time is a must.



Our "kit" is built from the MacPro, with external Firewire drives, three monitors which includes a 40" Sony HDTV for output, a Thunderbolt display and a Cinema display. Bring your own hard drive with the files you wish to use. Our system accepts Mac hard drives, USB3, Firewire (w adapter for legacy systems) or Thunderbolt drives.

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Pinlight's 4-proc. MacPro workstation. MacPro  
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