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Best of WATCHERS Trailer from Richard Shaw on Vimeo.


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Watch the film and new 3 hour behind the scenes footage! If you have AMAZON PRIME you can watch for free!



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WATCHERS 10 OFFICIAL TRAILER from Richard Shaw on Vimeo.

Revelatory discoveries by author / lecturer / explorer L.A. Marzulli and director Richard Shaw. Giants, strange creatures, Hidden information brought to light, and DNA testing of the elongated skull people. To be released in July.

You can Order WATCHERS 10. Now Shipping.


WATCHERS 10.2 - Fairy Proven Fake from L. A. Marzulli on Vimeo.



In WATCHERS NINE, RICHARD SHAW does an investigation in HD video of the aliens visible in the Kumburgaz, Turkey UFO video given to him by the late Dr. Roger Leir. At least three, if not more, aliens are seen aboard the ship that was hovering for hours and seen by at least 20 witnesses. Richard used professional compositing software to enhance the images and slow down the frame rate, revealing what was going on inside the ship. The entire process is shown in WATCHERS NINE.


Above is a great segment illustrating how gematria works. From the movie Pi in the late 90s. Insanely well done.

TORAH CODES End to Darkness

Produced, Directed and Hosted by Richard Shaw, Torah Codes End to Darkness was filmed in New York City and Jerusalem, Israel, to hear what the world experts on the Codes are currently doing. Experts in the film include Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, Professor Eliyahu Rips who pioneered the Codes since the late 70's, Professor Robert Haralick from City U in New York, Dr. Alex Rotenberg in Jerusalem, and Art Levitt -- all Torah Code experts for many years. Dr. Rotenberg is one of the original software programmers for the Codes, and is a descendant of the legendary Vilna Gaon from the 17th Century. Professor Rips has been written about in the books of Michael Drosnin and is a legend in his research on the Codes. His life is reviewed in the film.

We also hear from L.A. Marzulli from his Malibu home. Nir Studnitsky shares his findings in ancient Hebrew and how there may have been "floating cities" mentioned in the Torah. Dan Gordon, screeplay writer and reseverist with the IDF (Israel Defense Force) offers up close and personal experiences of the last Hamas war that he experienced this past Summer. We interview those who have lived on the Gaza border, picked up exploded rockets from Hamas and looked at them, and spoke with Generals, Colonals, and others who are the experts in their field. You'll be surprised at what is really going on in Israel.

The 2 disc set is a combination Blu-ray and standard DVD so anyone can play it on any system. Also, in the Special Features section are the 41 tables shown in the film so that you can flip through them and examine each one at your leisure. If you prefer, you can now stream the film on Vimeo or purchase a Standard DVD version. Finally, we've covered all the bases and whatever version you need is available. For ordering information, go to the TORAH CODE website at END TO





See the George Noory Tables for Coast to Coast listeners. Find out what the Torah Codes say about him.

If you believe Codes can be found in any text, that is partially correct, but actual test results can be vastly different. To see a comparision (which we discuss in the film), see 911 table comparisons that were created by Prof. Rips and Prof. Haralick for the movie.

For more information, go to the TORAH CODE website at END TO


Blu-raydiscsSD DVD SD DVD

The Torah Code Blu-Ray / DVD Deluxe set is $23.95 or the Standard Def DVD can be purchased for $14.95

The Blu-ray version has 2 discs, the HD and SD DVD discs. You get both in one package for the best value..


NEW: an HD STREAMING MEDIA version of the film now appears on Vimeo at the website. You can now either rent the stream or download to your computer.


Terri Tilton Management


• UFOs

•The Torah Codes

•The Nephilim Giants and DNA from Peruvian skulls

•The Shroud of Turin

• Earth Changes

• Planet X -- Nibiru

• The Middle East situation and Israel

• Alien abductions and implants

• Scientific evaluation, lab tests and SEM / EDX analysis, and DNA genetics testing.

With a huge number of experts as hosted by L.A. Marzulli and Directed / Edited by Richard Shaw

  10 DVDs





The entirwordze Wordz Project in HD has just been uploaded to YouTube. I think most of you already know about this film that I directed and edited way back in 2008-09. It was based on my friend Lee’s important book called “The Words” which is all the words of Christ put into a book without the other text in between. This book was used as a text for a consortium of rappers, both famous and unknown, to rap the words to hip-hop beats. Since the book was released, Lee also released an online edition, available for free by clicking here.

The Wordz Project was originally distributed by Cinevision International, but they ended up having problems. The film floundered for lack of money and PR. Now that I got it back just a few weeks ago, and now that there are race riots and civil unrest in the country which at times seem to be inflamed by the media, I felt I needed to release it for free and forgo any profits trying to sell it. Please help by getting the YouTube link pushed as far as possible.

-- Richard Shaw




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