VINTAGE DOWNLOADS of past projects. We no longer update this page since so much has changed and everything is streaming now, but it's here if you're interested.  



File size

THE TORAH CODE and 2012 Early version of the Torah Code project, before the final film was made.

53.6 MB

WORDZ PROJECT HD VIDEO PROMO The best video to see what's in the one-hour special.

34 MB

EFFECTS SHOP series demo -- (Producers:Williams, Hall, Shaw) 33.3MB

BEAT THE DRUM movie trailer -- (Trailer by Creative Partnership, Santa Monica) also

BEHIND THE SCENES -- interviews with the crew and cast


SCOTT WEILAND SOLO ALBUM mini documentary for Best Buy -- (Producers: Shaw/Cantelon, Director/Editor: Shaw) Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots) with engineer Doug Grean.

24.5 MB

MARK OLSON & GARY LOURIS mini documentary -- (Producers: Shaw/Cantelon, Director/Editor: Shaw)

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MICHAEL BECKWITH added commentary for The Wordz Project. (Producers: Shaw/Cantelon)

25.5 MB
LIFE WITH SLICE series demo -- (Producers: Shaw/Holden, Directors: Shaw/Pattyson) 34.8 MB
RICKIE LEE JONES VIDEO PROMO (Cantelon, Shaw -- Producers) for her new album, "The Sermon on Exposition Boulevard" For more info, click here. 46.8 MB
ORIGIN animated logo design -- (animator Forrest Brown) 2.5 MB
WORLD TEACH animated logo -- (Shaw)

2.6 MB

ATLANTA KIDS station ID-- (graphics, Joe Bird -- music, Shaw) 2.9 MB

BEN OKAFOR music video -- (Cherian, Cantelon, Shaw) H.264 compression

33.2 MB
NOTHING music video, excerpt -- (Cherian, Cantelon, Shaw) H.264 compression 3 MB
PORTUGAL music video, excerpt -- (Cherian, Cantelon, Shaw) H.264 compression 1.5 MB
A LIFE GOD REWARDS documentary insert -- (Shaw) H.264 compression 54.5 MB
Tom Green, my good friend. This clip has been updated to H.264 compression. Created by myself and Forrest Brown. I'm narrating how to do the effects. Thanks Avid for distributing this CD ROM for DSI in those days. We had fun making it. -- Rick Shaw
VISION, TRANSFORMERS segment. Shot on 16mm and edited by Shaw. H.264 4.1MB
VISION, ANIMATED OPEN modeling, Forrest Brown. Graphics and compositing, Shaw H.264 Compression 7.6MB

MILLENNIUM DREAMS (working title) -- (Cherian, Cantelon, Shaw)

WATCH the ENTIRE SHOW by clicking here.

3.1 MB
JOE JACKSON concept promo -- (Richard Shaw, cinematography and editing) 1.8 MB
MPI VIDEO An older piece, but one we've been asked for from time to time, the MPI video was originally produced by Z Post in Atlanta, a predecessor to what eventuallly became Pinlight. Directed by Lee Cantelon, and edited by Richard Shaw. The phone numbers at the end are no longer valid, but this project was a lot of fun for us anytime hi-tech equipment was involved. MPI today has even more stunning facilities. 88 MB
HOMELESS TEENS with HOLLYWOOD DREAMS concept promo -- (Shaw, Holden, Rich, Qui and Le'Vert) 48 MB
CANYONLIGHT LOGO -- (Art design and animation, Richard Shaw) MOS 1 MB


90s Projects would have come under the name, "Z POST."
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