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What is a consortium? It is an alliance of people that want something to be accomplished, that are tired of waiting for results and will put their support behind a project. This is why we are attempting to form the Pinlight Consortium, a group of like-minded people who have the resources to make something happen, without depending on the MSM or church orgs that have failed in the past. Without politics. Without worrying about getting no results.


Over the past ten years, Pinlight has produced and directed 13 documentary films. Here is a thumbnail sketch:

2007-2010 (production and release dates) THE WORDZ PROJECT and also THE POWER OF WORDS
2015 TORAH CODES End to Darkness (BluRay and SD-DVD, and Vimeo VOD)

The WATCHERS series, hosted and co-produced by L.A. Marzulli (DVD and Vimeo VOD)
2011 WATCHERS 2, Signs in the Heavens and the Earth
2012 WATCHERS 4, On the Edge
2012 WATCHERS 5, Let me In
2013 WATCHERS 6, The Secret Cosmic War
2013 WATCHERS 7, Physical Evidence (winner of two awards)
2014 WATCHERS 8, Cloak of Secrecy
2015 WATCHERS 9, Days of Chaos
2016 WATCHERS 10.2 Anatomy of a Hoax (a continuation of WATCHERS 10)

Earlier works include feature production and post for BEAT THE DRUM, shot on Super 35mm Anamorphic and released on DVD and on Showtime. Available on DVD via Netflix. Winner of 30 International awards. Richard Shaw co-produced this film and as well as being involved on the shoot in South Africa also handled all International deliverables, color timing, and final mastering. Production began as a Z Productions film, originally based in Atlanta, GA.


Initially, Richard Shaw was Managing Director for Z Post in Atlanta, starting in 1993. (See bio for full info) The company produced many television projects for broadcast and also private distribution. Some of our clients were CNN, CBN, and various companies from Hollywood. It became evident we had to grow and in 2001, only one month after 911 we moved to Hollywood. For four years we operated as Z Productions as we worked on three motion picture projects. Pinlight was formed in April 2005 and started by upgrading and building two edit suites, an Avid Media Composer suite, and a Final Cut Pro editing station. The technology has changed since those days. Everything has gone digital HD, or UHD. Pinlight has adapted to stay current. Then, the bottom fell out of the industry. The result was that we learned how to produce films at extremely low production costs that people wanted. That took us along for some time, but now things have changed again.

Current costs involved in producing some of the films we've been asked to do have become greater than we can handle. International travel and accommodations, special equipment, and professional personnel cost real money. Enormous challenges await us but are holding due to funding. Current projects have large International impact, but because of that are in need of funding big enough to accomodate them. Now in our 12th year, Pinlight is obviously a company with a proven track record and delivers a quality product.

Many years ago, one of our clients raised funds by bringing together millionaires from all walks of life who wanted to be part of something larger. It was our job to produce those films. Something that would have international impact, and could open doors of spiritual and factual knowledge that the MSM intentionally ignores due to their atheist agenda or in order to keep the population under their control by not allowing the truth to get out. We are appaulled and resist that approach, but we still want to produce great programming. We've proven we can do it.

So we need to form a group that will come together, knowing what they are there to do, and supporting projects that NO ONE ELSE WILL DO. That is our goal. Not many will have the courage to do it.

Will you be a part of the Consortium?

If you have the means to help make this happen, let us know. We're not looking for $5 or $10 donations. The requirements are larger. If you can help, write for a confidential list of projects we are currently in pre-pro on. Please don't write unless you intend to help. Know that unless you wish to remain anonymous, all manner of projects can be started with your help which will appear in the Credits.


Richard Shaw

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