A pioneer in non-linear editing techniques, Richard Shaw founded Z Post in 1994 in Atlanta, GA. Starting in 1989 and continuing into the 90s he wrote a Macintosh column in AV Video and Video Systems magazines on new digital innovations spearheaded from Apple and was one of the first to reveal what QuickTime was all about. Richard was Vice President of Digital Solutions, Atlanta, (DSI) and was one of the founders of the company. During that time he became an Avid Certified Instructor and won several awards for various projects he produced.

Richard and family moved to Hollywood in 2001 to do more television and movie work. Four years later he formed Pinlight LLC. This freedom didn't come without a hefty price but led to many new and exciting projects.

He has directed 11 WATCHERS episodes, a documentary series available on DVD and on Vimeo Streaming Media, hosted by L.A. Marzulli. The recent 2017 release of the largest set ever of 11 DVDs is the culmination of seven years work. WATCHERS has sold well over 100,000 DVDs.

Independently, in 2015 Richard hosted, produced and directed TORAH CODES End to Darkness a startling documentary with the discovers of the Torah Codes. Kudos to David Greenhill, who helped make this film possible.The film is available on BluRay, Standard DVD and Vimeo HD. It is also airing monthly on JLTV through 2018.

In 2008-2010, Shaw was producer/director on The Wordz Project. It is available for viewing in its entirety on YouTube for free in HD. This one-hour documentary filmed in high definition included over a dozen famous rap artists.

He was one of three producers on Beat the Drum, (2003) a feature 35mm film (Super 35mm Anamorphic, 2.35:1) about the AIDS pandemic in Africa, which won 30 International awards, released in over 150 countries via Kimmel International and MGM International, and aired on Showtime HD for almost two years. It is still available on DVD loan on NetFlix.

Shaw's clients have included CNN, CBN News, WB, Cox Interactive, BGEA, Gold Mountain Entertainment, Johnson & Johnson, Joe Jackson, Rickie Lee Jones, TASCAM, New West Records, and Spiral of Life.

He continues to do both TV and Radio interviews about the Torah Codes, and maintains a position on Marzulli's board for continuing DNA research on the Giants and their possible connection with the ancient Nephilim, referred to in the Torah. He continues to investigate the UFO phenomenon and its basis in ancient texts.


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